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Clases de yoga inspirado en Scaravelli

In-person classes near S. Martinho das Amoreiras. This is a new class beginning Tuesday 9th May and you’re invited to attend a four week taster series. This is to give you a chance to get a sense of this approach to yoga and feel the effects over a few sessions. If there is enough interest during this time the group will continue on a weekly basis on the same day and time.

Classes are fairly slow-paced, with an emphasis on creating space and integrated support in the body for the joints and the breath. We explore the main poses of classical yoga using the poses as a framework for finding connections in the body rather than as somewhere to get to. In the classes I demonstrate and talk through the yoga poses (asana) however there is an invitation to take on your own exploration of the movements, so you can work with your own process and pace. I give some hands on support where possible and share any pointers that may be useful for refining some part of your practice. Please take a look at the practice page for a more detailed description of this approach.

These classes are suitable for anyone interested in practising yoga in a way that listens to the body, those looking for a yoga practice that adapts to any injuries or bodily niggles that may develop with time and age and also current practitioners loooking for a fresh perspective on their practice. Equally you may just be looking for a class and want to try out this one to see if it fits. You are welcome whether you relate to any of these or not!


Tuesday mornings in May

9th May – 9.30am to 12pm (longer introductory session)

16th, 23rd, 30th May – 9.30am to 11am


Where: Monte Maravilhas, S. Martinho das Amoreiras

Cost: 40€

Please book by Sunday 7th May, 8pm.