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Individual singing & voice classes

online & in-person

Learn to fully inhabit your voice in a beautiful, intimate, practical, intuitive and empowering process, including both the physical body and emotions.

A one-on-one class helps to work with your voice in a way that is tailored to your needs. Perhaps you like singing but you want to know how to support your voice from the body and breath more, or you feel some restriction in the body or emotions when you sing or when trying to speak clearly. Maybe you’re interested in coming to a group workshop but you want to explore something on your own first so you can feel more comfortable or confident singing with others, or maybe you struggle to sing in tune and you’re interested in working with pitch and deepening your listening capacity. There are as many paths of enquiry and exploration as there are voices, and I’m very happy to suggest some ways for you to find more ease, openness, strength and naturalness in your voice and singing.


Along with my intuition and creativity, I use the tools I have acquired over the years to find the best way to work with you. These include exercises and explorations for the body, voice, breath, and the capacity to listen and feel. I also use musical structures – scales, songs, sounds and exercises – that help your voice to explore its potential and for you to become aware of how to open up more options for it or how to stop using the same vocal pathways you’ve always used. 


Classes take place via Zoom or in-person (by appointment in the south of Portugal / selected dates in Huelva) The price is 25€ for a one hour class or 90€ for four classes booked together, or 35€ and 125€ for classes of one hour and a half. Contact me by email or whatsapp to find out more or to have an initial conversation.

The online experience in the singing session with Miranda was very complete and enriching. At first I thought that we wouldn´t be able to go so deep because of doing it online, but quite the contrary, the class was very productive, as she suggested exercises for working with songs in-depth and where we tried different types of sounds and songs to find the ones best suited to my voice. I am very happy that I experienced this session because it was very helpful for connecting to my own voice.

Carmen Blanco

January 2023