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The Medicine of the Heart

A living balm


The Medicine of the Heart is a project of my songs that are born and re-born, evolving and maturing. They are offered as a flash concert when there is a configuration of musicians that allow it to be shared, or simply as an on-going musical balm for one’s own soul and for whoever is drawn to listen.

I share many of these songs in my singing workshops, musically arranged so that as a group we can sing them in two or three interweaving parts.

Triggered by the passing of my mother in 2014, I wrote a lot of the songs in the grieving period just after. This was a powerful and beautiful time of solitude, tears, inner cleansing and surrendering to the Great Spirit that cradled me. Some songs came before this time and some came a few years later.

During 2017 and 2018 in Huelva, Andalusia, I collaborated and played with flamenco guitarist José Moreno and percussionist Abramo Lezzi and the collaboration culminated in an intimate live concert at the end of 2018. 

In 2021, I began to explore the songs again more acoustically, adding lyrics or melodies and re-writing parts. I also made some home recordings of a couple of tracks through this year.

The gestation period for a creative project is not known in advance and is not determined by the mind but by the heart of the one who offers it. It can take some time to fully listen to the heart.

In my view, a project can be born, exist for a time and then return to the womb to transform itself and be born again, maybe even many times, until it gives the fruit that its seed desires. Above all, spaciousness allows creation to take place. 

Some songs include traditional mantras in Sanskrit, others are poems about transformation, strength or gratitude set to music, and often songs are sung in both English and Spanish. 

These songs are nourished by the blessing of my mother and my spiritual master Mooji, as well as my singing teachers Chloë and Germana. They have all helped me so much in listening to the song in my heart.

There’s a way that people listen to you in performance, like on stage, you’re not listened to in that way at any other time or part of your life really. And it can draw out of you more information than you knew that you have to share and it can let you deeper into yourself to be in front of people like that. They make a place of you.

Lizz Wright (de Holding Space)