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Singing and voice workshops

Sing your sorrows away!


Welcome all those who wish to explore, listen to and express their voice, song, silence and listening in a sensitive, deep and joyful environment.

upcoming workshops:

Saturday 27th May. 9.30am to 1pm Lisbon time: The Light and Shade of the Voice  – in-person workshop in S. Martinho das Amoreiras, Alentejo, Portugal (workshop led mostly in English) – VER CARTEL


June 2-3-4: Yoga, Singing and Contemplation Retreat – Sierra de Aracena, Huelva (mostly led in Spanish) – VER CARTELmás info



It is one of life’s joys to sing with other people, and it is an unrepeatable experience every time we do it. A workshop offers a held space to come together and be led as a group to sing, listen and explore the voice. How exactly a workshop unfolds depends on the particular group that comes together for each unique gathering.

In essence it is simple, and at the same time, singing together in a harmonious way (which is not the same as singing together in melodic harmony) demands a good listening ability on various levels and requires sensitivity, courage and openness. 

Shorter workshops (2 to 4 hours) focus on activating the vocal vibration in the body and singing songs together from different traditions in different ways: call and response, two or three part harmony, in unison and other arrangements that play with the counterpoint of rhythms and melodies.

We sing traditional or modern songs in different languages and mantras in Sanskrit from the Indian devotional tradition. We also explore the beautiful and profound practice of group improvisation.

It is not about performing, yet it is about creating something beautiful, harmonious and artistic together in the moment. Along the way, we enjoy, relax, express and listen to our voices and gain strength from the songs themselves, and from singing together in a mutually supportive and appreciative way.

Longer workshops (4 hours +) happen when the trust created through singing together allows a group to explore the voice and singing together more deeply. Building on the foundation as described for the shorter workshops, the practice may then evolve into individual and small group singing and listening enquiries, working with a specific emotional or energetic focus or further group improvisation practice.



Please enjoy this playlist which will give you a taste of the variety of songs that we may sing together in the workshops.

Chanting and singing are like two musical tributaries of a much larger river that, when they meet, can create a resonant alchemy or rhythmic texture, recurring melody lines, and original improvisation, generating a vocal experience that uplifts the soul of both singer (s) and listener (s).

Chloë Goodchild

p.143 The Naked Voice. Transform Your Life Through the Power of Sound