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Listen to the body and explore the asanas. 

Not as a destination but as a path and a place of discovery.

upcoming workshops:



Each workshop I hold is an invitation to explore the movement of the asanas without rushing. It is the quality of attention that matters most. Through developing an attitude of patience and openness in our exploration of the body, we open up to new pathways and connections that give clarity, rest and a sense of wholeness.


The time we have unfolds differently depending on the group that comes together. As a general guideline, each workshop includes some quiet sitting, time spent exploring the asanas and breathing and relaxation at the end.

A workshop allows you time to really relax into listening to the body and bring a deeper attention to the exploration of the asanas, as well as focusing on specific postures or areas of your practice. With your permission, I will sometimes work hands-on, as this can often be a more direct way for me to communicate or suggest something to you and your body than just using words. There is also the opportunity to interact and ask questions, and for me as a teacher, there is more opportunity to work individually with people. 

Everyone is welcome here; beginners, practitioners and teachers of any tradition.



“Slowing down provokes a tremendous resistance and releases interior tumult. But only by slowing down does time transform itself into our ally”

Sandra Sabatini, Like a Flower p.98